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  • Farmer-led Documentation
    January 19, 2017
    Participating in Change: Farmer-Led Documentation
    Equitable change—the type that represents real and lasting solutions for all those involved—requires high levels of collaborati...
  • Cuba's Farming Transformation
    December 12, 2016
    Reliance to Revolution: Cuba's farmer-led transfor...
    Revolution is often portrayed as an idea that’s better when shouted, spray painted on a wall, or driven by anger, fear, or a ne...
  • Agroecology
    November 17, 2016
    Parts of a Whole: Mapping a global agriculture
    The world today is on a dangerous path. One that leads nowhere pleasant for all of our globe’s denizens, be they terrestrial or...
  • A Growing Culture
    October 20, 2016
    A Growing Culture Executive Summary
    In the face of grave challenges, farmers around the globe are finding innovative ways to feed the world. Yet all too often their knowledge is siloed or stifled. Farmers have ...
  • Library for Food Sovereignty
    September 23, 2016
    The Library for Food Sovereignty Initiative
    The Library for Food Sovereignty (LFS) initiative is a multi-stakeholder effort to centralize farmer innovations and agricultural experimentations going on around the world. ...