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Information Exchange

The “Notes from the Field” library currently contains over 80 articles on many topics, including composting, the benefits of bio-char, the use of green manure, and integrated pig farming. The library must continue to grow in order to have a realistic impact on global agriculture. AGC is dedicated to raising enough funds to support an internal team of writers that consistently publish content while recruiting volunteer authors.

Currently AGC is building an internal team of writers that are going to be frequently submitting engaging and exciting articles focusing on different aspects of ecological agriculture. If you are interested in joining the team or being part of our volunteer street team, please contact us for details including out exciting perk package! For advanced agriculture enthusiasts who are currently traveling AGC is developing a correspondents program where we will be paying by the article for engaging, on the ground reporting of innovative ecological agriculture. The future of eco agriculture depends on the culmination of both traditional and advanced scientific farming practices.  At AGC we love to uncover the innovations that farmers create; therefore we are always looking for guest writers with exciting experiences.  Share your thoughts and help the eco-ag movement grow!

AGC’s extensive and ever growing library of user submitted articles from around the world is the core of our information exchange pillar.  We understand the need for connectivity in the ecological agriculture movement and strongly believe in strength in numbers! We hope to continue connecting eco-ag advocates around the world.  Help us to build this exciting library and to continue to inspire.  Remember local is a global movement! Let’s GROW!

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