Spring 2013

Kabarnet, Kerio Valley, Kenya

Between the Tugen Hills of Kenya’s Northern Rift Valley sits the town of Kabarnet, home to Sunrise Children’s Home (an orphanage) and Neema (a group for women who have experienced some level of rejection, extreme poverty, abuse, or other trauma). These two institutions fight for justice for their children and young adults.

Many social injustices are tied into access to food and land. To combat inequities through food sovereignty, A Growing Culture helped the Sunrise Children’s Home, an orphanage, and Neema, a women’s group, build an organic farm.  

The project involved a weeklong training workshops on the principles of sustainable agriculture and culminated in the implementation of an organic farm providing the children and their community with access to healthy, safe food. The training, provided free of cost, covered a wide range of topics, including companion planting, integrated pest management, composting, soil building, legume incorporation, grazing management, and more.

“Having the team of A Growing Culture joining our Project for a month was without doubt one of the best experiences we have had in Neema, our women’s group, in Kabarnet. Loren and Kiprop provided us with invaluable and profound lessons. With A Growing Culture, something as simple as planting a bean becomes an awakening of consciousness and ultimately a road to freedom. Such a simple lesson for each and every woman, a lesson to help them, not just as farmers but also as mothers. A lesson to encourage them to pass on a new way of thinking, living and being for generations to come. A Growing Culture embodies a timeless yet ever relevant philosophy that may, hopefully, seed by seed, change the world for the better.”
-Rocio Olive Cabeza – Director Neema Women’s Group, Kenya