February 2012

Quoc Oai, Vietnam

In February 2012, A Growing Culture joined forces with Sustainable Product Innovation (SPIN) and five local farm families to build a zero-waste training farm in Quoc Oai, Vietnam. At its core, the project focused on building strong relationships on mutual respect and hard work and laying the framework for effective knowledge sharing.

The north region of Vietnam’s rich biodiversity provides an excellent climate for an abundance of different crops and livestock species; over 30 techniques were taught and implemented. Some of the concepts covered were companion planting, homemade fish emulsions, effective microorganism (EM) technology, living bed technology, composting, free-range chicken production, fermentation, duckweed and azolla production, bio-char production, and many more.

Awareness of and sensitivity to the community’s needs helped make this projected a success. In less than two months products were already being brought to the market and land that wasn’t previously in cultivation was bountiful with produce.

“A Growing Culture enables the sharing of sustainable agriculture technique that is crucial to sustainable development. The AGC team worked very closely with a handful of families in Quoc Oai, Vietnam, to promote independence from expensive foreign inputs, while increasing profits and protecting the environment. Together with AGC we promoted zero-waste agriculture practices on our Knowledge Farm. We look forward to working with AGC in the future!”
– Mr. Nguyen Hong Long, Senior CP and SPI expert, Vietnam Cleaner Production Centre