A Growing Culture is proud to partner with the following organizations:

In 2013, 15 lead farmer-innovators were nominated by the Kenyan Government to take part in a country-wide innovation fair. After the fair, these farmers jointly recognized the need for a farmer-led innovator’s association and Farmer-led Innovators Association of Kenya (FLIA-K) was born. Now, the group works to create a “pool of innovations” that will be easy for all farmers to tap into.

Food Tank supports research and investment in sustainable agriculture to push for change in our current food system to alleviate hunger, obesity, and poverty.


InsightShare is passionate about social justice and locally-led change. They use participatory video to enable people to see and hear one another in new ways. They work with marginalized people who understand their local issues better than anyone and hold the keys to appropriate and innovative solutions. InsightShare is breaking down barriers between stakeholders to address critical problems in new ways, replacing the old ways of top-down initiatives imposed on people. They amplify collective intelligence and build consensus to support locally-led change.

Kikandwa Environmental Association (KEA) is a local network of over 400 peasant farmers that promotes participatory learning, knowledge-sharing, conservation, and education. KEA is dedicated to contributing to sustainable development, thereby improving the livelihood of the vulnerable rural communities through increased agricultural productivity and natural resource management.


K|N Consultants partners with academic institutions, libraries, scholarly societies, university presses, and other mission-driven organizations to foster broad knowledge infrastructure transformation through innovative, collaborative solutions that result efficient and nimble systems of knowledge creation and dissemination and in expanded and more sustainable educational opportunities for disadvantaged populations. K|N manages the Open Access Network (OAN) which is made up of committed individuals, organizations, societies, libraries, publishers, and institutions working together to make knowledge public.


More and Better was established in 2003 to join and sustain the fight to eradicate hunger and poverty. It is an International network embracing social movements, civil society (CSO), non-governmental organizations (NGO) and a core of national unified campaigns from all over the world.


PELUM, or Participatory Ecological Land Use Management, is a regional network of over 220 organizations working in 10 countries in Eastern, Central, and Southern Africa. Established in 1995, PELUM works to improve the livelihoods of small-scale farmers through advocacy, agricultural market development and promotion of sustainable farming systems.


Prolinnova is an international multi-stakeholder network of organizations and individuals of diverse institutional affiliation that recognize the innovative capacity of small-scale farmers as key to sustainable development. The network consists of country platforms in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Prolinnova’s vision is a world in which women and men farmers play decisive roles in agriculture and natural resource management for sustainable livelihoods. The network builds on and scales up farmer-led approaches to participatory development that start with finding out how farmers create new and better ways of doing things. It stimulates a culture of mutual learning and synergy among diverse stakeholder groups to actively support and promote these local innovation processes in agriculture and natural resource management.


Cause Labs follows principles in human-centered design and lean impact to guide our partners from problem to launched solution and beyond.


Moye White, LLP offers strategic representation in complex commercial transactions and disputes. Our clients range from entrepreneurs and startups to mid-sized and established corporations, organizations, and associations. We also provide local counsel services for many national law firms.


O’Connor Davies, LLP is a New York accounting firm providing pro-bono services to A Growing Culture. O’Connor Davies, LLP is a top 100 CPA Firm that serves accounting, audit, and tax needs for companies.