Changing our food system starts with changing the way we view farmers.

When is a farmer is more than just a farmer? When she is a scientist, a guardian, an inventor, a community leader, an educator, a steward.

Around the world, farmers are tackling some of our biggest global challenges–poverty, hunger, and environmental degradation–while promoting gender equality, preserving traditional and Indigenous knowledge, and reinvigorating communities.

Yet all too often, farmers are undervalued, underestimated, and dismissed as uneducated. Instead of respecting their natural right to control their own food systems, their needs are cast aside in favor of profit-driven corporate “solutions” that harm the environment, local communities, and public health. We’ve set out to change that and bring farmers back to the helm of agriculture by changing the way the world views farmers.

Who do you trust to grow your food? #IStandWithFarmers


A collaboration between A Growing Culture and The Source Project.

  • #IStandwithFarmers
  • Kalyani: Farmer-Entrepreneur
  • John: Farmer-Activist
  • I Stand with Women Farmers
  • Adolfo: Farmer-Seed-Guardian
  • Chandra: Farmer-Animal-Protector
  • Debal Deb: Farmer-Scientist

The Source Project, a self-funded venture, has led Jason Taylor on a journey around the world to meet some of the most progressive and enlightened farmers: Indigenous farmers living with and respecting the land. These farmers–the real farmers of the world–are the source of all knowledge–knowledge of seeds, knowledge of soil, knowledge of the seasons, knowledge of our interdependence and reverence for other species, knowledge of the cyclical loop in which all comes from and returns to the earth. It is their knowledge The Source Project preserves and showcases so that we can all reconnect with the source of our food.

The films and images are licensed as creative commons, so people and communities can use and share them as long as the project has no commercial connection. It’s about beginning to change the way the conventional media works and therefore changing the way we interact with our subject and audience. If you are interested in using any of the work for non-profit or non-commercial use, please feel free to contact Jason.