When you think about farmers, what image comes to mind?

At A Growing Culture, we see Debal documenting DNA sequences of 1600 varieties of rice, Adolfo saving seeds to protect his community’s livelihood, Chandran preserving animal breeds and pioneering animal husbandry. We see some of the world’s brightest scientists, the most resourceful inventors, inspiring community leaders, visionary educators, guardians of the world’s cultures, and stewards of our planet.

These farmers—and others like them all over the world—are changing the face of modern agriculture one farm at a time. They are reversing a top-down, corporate-run system that isn’t healthy for people or our planet; a system that relies on animals confined in cages, vast swaths of land planted with a single crop, chemical fertilizers streaming from low-flying airplanes, and cheap, exploited labor.

Yet, around the globe these farmers are marginalized, their voices unheard. It is time that changes. It is time we recognize and celebrate these farmers for the incredible work they are doing: fighting poverty, supporting local economies, preserving traditions, and promoting social justice and gender equality while protecting our planet and feeding the world.


Where A Growing Culture Fits In

We advocate for farmers in order to safeguard their intrinsic right: the right to define and shape their own food and agricultural systems.
We work alongside underrepresented communities as they become knowledge managers; to reverse the current top-down research systems; to give farmers a say in the policies that affect them; to built a food system that is farmer-centric. We advocate to reframe the narrative of the role agrarians play across the globe because changing our food system starts with changing the way we view farmers.

“The playing field has been tilted against peasants for centuries, and they’ve still managed to feed more people than industrial agriculture. Imagine what they could do if we tipped the balance in their favor.” ― Raj Patel

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Changing our food system starts with changing the way we view farmers.



A collaboration between A Growing Culture and The Source Project.

  • #IStandwithFarmers
  • Kalyani: Farmer-Entrepreneur
  • John: Farmer-Activist
  • I Stand with Women Farmers
  • Adolfo: Farmer-Seed-Guardian
  • Chandra: Farmer-Animal-Protector
  • Debal Deb: Farmer-Scientist


A new generation of artists, standing in solidarity with farmers.



Let’s ignite an agricultural revolution and bring farmers back to the fore.