The most pressing issues of our time (climate crisis, hunger, inequality, human rights) are all deeply interconnected through food and land. 

While Indigenous and peasant communities feed the majority of the world and sustain 80% of the world’s biodiversity, their voices are underrepresented in dominant narratives and solutions. They hold the wisdom of how to relate to land and grow our food in ways that address hunger, protect culture, guarantee livelihoods, and sustain biodiversity. But due to structural marginalization and lack of access to these communities, their stories often go unheard.

Through a bi-monthly forum, media workshops, a monthly dispatch, and a journalist fellowship program, Peasant and Indigenous Press centers and connects Indigenous and peasant communities with media and cultivates a more holistic and nuanced storytelling ecosystem. To register for our forums as a media representative or as a member of a peasant or Indigenous group, click the button below.