PEASANT and indigenous PRESS FORUM
november 16th 2021

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للتقدم كمقدم (مجموعات الفلاحين والسكان الأصليين فقط) انقر هنا. 

Too often, the struggles of farmers around the world are kept in the dark. Without visibility, the exploitation they face at the hands of corporations and governments continues unchallenged. It’s time for that to change. Peasant and Indigenous groups from around the world are standing up and demanding that their stories be heard. It’s time to listen.

The Peasant and Indigenous Press Forum is an opportunity for international media organizations and peasant and Indigenous groups to connect and bring those stories to light. This digital event will feature groups from around the world who are on the frontlines of the global food sovereignty movement — to share their stories. Media and speaking groups must register prior to the event to be able to attend.

The program will consist of brief presentations from peasant and Indigenous representatives/speakers followed by a moderated Question + Answer portion, and opportunities for deeper dialogue and interviews.

Those approved will receive the full program registration prior to the event. Media representatives will also receive contacts for all speakers in order to coordinate further in-depth interviews outside of the event.

Peasant and Indigenous communities fighting for their rights to land and justice face ever-growing threats to their livelihoods and lives. Their safety is vital. We ask for media representatives to honor the needs of the participants. While food system narratives are often siloed — peasant and Indigenous communities fighting for food sovereignty represent the intersection of climate, politics, economy, gender, justice, health, and environment. Their experience offers a unique vantage point for journalists to engage in holistic reporting and storytelling.


The Peasant Press Forum will be organized by A Growing Culture in partnership with Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (The Peasant Movement of the Philippines, KMP) and Asian Peasant Coalition (APC), and in cooperation with Pesticide Action Network Asia Pacific (PANAP).


To apply to attend as a media representative register here.

To sign up as a representative of a peasant, Indigenous or rural community register here.

Para inscribirse como representante de una comunidad campesina, indígena o rural regístrese aquí (en español).

Pour poser votre candidature en tant que presanteur (pour les groupes paysans et indigènes) inscrivez-vous ici. 

للتقدم كمقدم (مجموعات الفلاحين والسكان الأصليين فقط) انقر هنا.


For more information, please contact [email protected].