Fall 2014

Ba Vi District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Ba Vi District lies in the forested hills of northeast Vietnam. Here, Pham Nhu Trang runs a hog farm. To eliminate odors and improve the health of the hogs and the environment, Trang creates a living bed by inoculating local absorbent materials with indigenous microorganisms and lactobacillus. Her own experience and inventiveness in farming have made her keenly aware of the importance of using appropriate technologies. 

When Trang realized that much of her living bed technique was both ecologically, culturally, and environmentally appropriate as well as transferable (meaning easily adapted for other types of farming) she began working with local farmers to develop ecologically and economically appropriate technologies for improving their systems.

During our 2014 workshop, Trang worked with attendees to create higher temperature composting systems, redesign vegetable beds to maximize space and increase on-farm biodiversity, adapt the living bed for hog farms, and produce fermented swine feed from banana stems using microorganism inoculation.