July 2016

Kikandwa, Uganda

Kikandwa is a small community located about 45 miles west of Kampala, Uganda’s capital, and 6500 feet above sea level. Kikandwa Environmental Association (KEA), a developmental community-based organization, is located here. KEA was born out of the need to address alarmingly low levels of agricultural productivity, high levels of food insecurity, and low income in rural communities, as well as protect against rapid degradation of natural resources on which more than 95 percent of locals depend.

In July 2016, A Growing Culture teamed up with KEA to conduct a two-day beekeeping workshop for participants from across the Kikandwa sub-county. The workshop addressed community-based solutions to environmental degradation, climate change, and food insecurity through beekeeping. Using a farmer-to-farmer and participatory approach, community members also learned how to build beehives and increase farming yields through pollination using agroecology principles. Each participant also developed an individualized take-home work plan to ensure successful on-farm implementation of beekeeping projects.