July 2016

Kabarnet, Kerio Valley, Kenya

In July 2016, AGC returned to Kabarnet in Kenya’s Northern Rift Valley to conduct another workshop with NEEMA, a women’s group that heals women who have experienced trauma through skill training, counseling, and discipleship.

The three-day participatory workshop covered nursery establishment, composting, and compost tea as part of the wider picture (agroecology). Through both classroom lessons, facilitation, practical sessions, and field trips to nearby nurseries, the women learned plant grafting, composting, and compost tea making. By the end of the workshop, participants acquired the knowledge and skills to implement new agroecological principles and improve their farming.

“Being in this workshop as farmers we have been greatly empowered to be sufficiently productive, especially since the trainings were farmer-led and with easily adaptable techniques.”
– Esther Ngure. Chairlady, Neema.