Technology For PoorJob Ebenezer was born in Vellore, India on October 10, 1941.  Job started growing vegetables in Chicago in 1993.  Since that rooftop garden, he has been an avid grower.  He moved to Westerville, Ohio in 2007 and has helped establish several urban gardens in Columbus. Because of his distaste for the current industrial agricultural system, Job has established a Non-Profit, Technology for the Poor, geared at providing poor people with the technology to grow their own.  Mr. Ebenezer states, “I am very much worried about the land, water and air pollution caused by the industrial farming as well as its effect on human health.  I believe that decentralized small scale farming systems are sustainable and environmentally friendly.”  Since he retired he has been passionately working on Technology for the Poor, helping people around the world. He promotes low cost technologies such as vertical gardening in containers, small-scale bike-powered agricultural processing, and handmade paper making.  

“Instead of giving just financial help to the poor, I chose to teach them techniques that would enable them to feed themselves and become sustainable.”

Tecnology for the poorThe beliefs of Technology for the Poor: “Our philosophy is that of George Washington Carver, an African American scientist who taught sustainable agriculture to poor farmers. Through experimentation of plants, he developed hundreds of uses for peanuts and other plants. Although most-well known for these inventions, Carver served his community through improving racial relations, tutoring children, and serving poor people.”

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Manual: Pedal Power Report

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